Organizing Committee Members

Previous Organizing Committee Members of Dental Conference

Our Organizing Committee members are the pride of our conferences. These are the members who will make the event more memorable and happening. They will not just share their intellectual with us, but will also help us understand some of the most key areas of the topic they will be discussing with us through this conference.

It shall be a great honour to have such influential members on board to help us through the moments of this era.
Majid Salman Al-Mohaidaly
Majid Salman Al-MohaidalyGeneral Practitioner Dentist - GPD
Majid Salman Al-Mohaidaly. (BDS , General Practitioner Dentist - GPD) was born in Afif , Riyadh - Capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . He was graduated from King Saud University, College of Dentistry with the degree of BDS - (DDS) , completed his Bacchularate Degree in Dental Science in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the University of King Saud and received the title of General Practitioner Dentist - GPD at 2008G.

After that, he became a General Practitioner Dentist at the General Administration of Medical Services - Ministry of Interior - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , Department of Dentistry for 7 Years. . He carried out a wide research and has many publications in Dental Science covered beside some local and international journals.

He also holds a position of the Director of dental Department at the Technical Affairs Security Forces Polyclinic - General Administration of Medical Services - Ministry of Interior.
Sebastian Ercus
Sebastian ErcusDMD MS
Dr sebastian ercus focuses his practice in advanced esthetic dentistry with real emphasize on interdisciplinary communication for complex treatments in the anterior segment and full mouth rehabilitations.

Upon graduation of dental school followed by a master s degree in oral health in 2005 , he pursued a one year implant dentistry training with global institute of dental education and university of los angeles california.

Upon completion of implant dentistry training enrolled in a two year advanced restorative and esthetic dentistry specialty training in the center for esthetic dentistry at university of california los angeles under the mentorship of edward mc laren dds -prosthodontist and master dental ceramist.

He practices in an interdisciplinary specialty center located in Brussels Belgium .
Prof. Ahmed Halim Ayoub
Prof. Ahmed Halim AyoubDDS. MSc. PhD
Prof. Ahmed Halim Ayoub. DDS. MSc. PhD. Lecturer in BPP University Faculty of Dentistry, London, England.

His Diploma and Master Degrees is from Seville university, Spain. He developed expertise in bone augmentation and sinus elevation. He has a special interest in bone healing, role of growth factors and bone morphogenetic proteins in bone growth.

Dr. Halim is also highly interested in Dental implant Education and developed his pioneer modules using Live training throughout directing dental implant post graduate training in Egyptian society of oral implanvology, London oral restorative academy, and London dental education services.

Prof Halim is a distinguished speaker; he presents in international conferences and teaches in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
Dr. James Harris
Dr. James HarrisBDS
Jamie completed his BDS (Adelaide) degree in 1979. Continued to rewrite the frontiers of dentistry in Practice Management and dental business practices over a long productive career.
Prof. Piero Cascone
Prof. Piero CasconeAssociate Professor
Associate Professor, Chief Department MAXILLO FACIAL SURGERY “Sapienza” Unievrsità di Roma.

Prof. Piero Cascone, has received undergraduate degree in medicine and surgery in 1977 at the Sapienza Università di Roma. He got his specialty in ENT and Odontostomatology. He has 30 years of full-time experience in clinical care, research, and teaching in Dental and Medical Schools with a focus on the field of Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), cranio-maxillo-facial traumatology and malformations. In this area, he also researched and lectured at the Medical School of the University of Siena from 1986 to 1998. In 1989 he received a clinical appointment at the Department of Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Policlinico Umberto I, Rome.

He was co-editor of “Il giornale italiano di chirurgia maxillofacciale” He attended various centers of excellence and university in Europe and United States. In addition to his medical practice and research, Piero Cascone serves on the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Maxillo-Facial Surgery and is a member of several Italian and international societies. From 1995 till 2007, he has served as the President of the Board of Directors of the University Consortium of the Province of Ragusa, Sicily. In this capacity, during his tenure the university activated 13 University courses and 6 specialistic University courses, including Medicine and Surgery, Agriculture, Law and four research centers in the fields of Bio-medicine, Agriculture, informatics and languages. The Consortium now includes more than 400 professors and about 5,000 students. The past research has resulted in 2 textbooks, 178 publications in refereed journals and 7 book chapters.
Dr. Valerio Ramieri
Dr. Valerio RamieriMedical Doctor
Dr. Valerio Ramieri is a medical doctor since 2007 with the highest honour. Afterwards he accomplished in 2013 the specialty in Maxillo-facial surgery with the highest honour. In 2014 he was selected at Sapienza Università di Roma as assistant professor.

He is currently enrolled in a Phd. Since 2007 he co-authored more than 32 publication on international journals of the field. He is active member of the Italian society of Maxillo-facial surgeons (SICMF), European Association of Cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons (EACMFS) and obtained the European Board of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery (EBOMFS).

His main interest are orthognatic surgery, TMJ surgery, oral surgery, traumatology and craniofacial malformations.