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MomentEra Collaborated with IRCAD for Surgery Conference

WebSurg is a virtual surgical university, accessible from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The WebSurg concept was launched by Professor Jacques Marescaux and his team at the European Institute of TeleSurgery (EITS) in Strasbourg, France.


Our goal is to provide the surgical community, scientific societies, medical teaching centers and industries with the first, worldwide, online training in surgery, information on the latest surgical breakthroughs and the possibility to chat with surgeons and experts from all over the world.

WebSurg and its scientific founders, Professor Jacques Marescaux, Professor Didier Mutter, Professor Joël Leroy and Doctor Michel Vix, all internationally recognized experts in the fields of surgery and telesurgery, aim to accelerate the diffusion of knowledge and technological innovations throughout the world, in order to offer surgeons and their teams direct access to the latest developments in surgery and to improve patient comfort and well-being.

MomentEra is incredibly professional team of scientific event planners. At MomentEra we organize International congresses, events, workshops and exhibitions.

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