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Dr. John G Speer teaches introductory materials, phase stability and physical metallurgy of ferrous/nonferrous alloys and ferrous physical metallurgy. He is extensively involved with the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center and maintains the strong relationships which have developed between CSM faculty/students and the steel producing/consuming community.

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Dr. Lakdawala is the Chairman of the Institute of Minimal Invasive Surgical Sciences and Research Center at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai. He is the pioneer of single incision bariatric surgery in India and performed the first single incision sleeve gastrectomy in September 2009. He regularly runs live surgery workshops in almost every Asian and Middle East countries.

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Prof. Piero Cascone has 30 years of full-time experience in clinical care, research, and teaching in Dental and Medical Schools with a focus on the field of Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), cranio-maxillo-facial traumatology and malformations. The Consortium now includes more than 400 professors and about 5,000 students. The past research has resulted in 2 textbooks, 178 publications in refereed journals and 7 book chapters.

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Professor Oomman K. Varghese carried out postdoctoral research initially in Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY and later in Materials Research Institute, The Pennsylvania State University, PA. At Penn State, From 2007 to 2010 he was Chief Scientist at Sentech Corporation, PA. At Sentech, he was responsible for developing chemical sensors for non-invasive detection and monitoring of diseases.

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Dr. Daniel Choi worked at the Aerospace Corporation and a task manager at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)/NASA, leading a number of space-related projects including Phoenix Mars mission.He was director of the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program at University of Idaho (USA). He is Founding Department Head of the Mechanical and Materials Engineering in the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Professor Jan C. (Kees) Hummelen received his masters degree in Chemistry and a cum laude doctorate degree in Science under the mentorship of Hans Wynberg at the University of Groningen in 1979 and 1985. The last twelve years, his main research activities have been in fullerene chemistry and the development of plastic photovoltaic technology.

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At MomentEra we organize International congresses, events, workshops and exhibitions.

We offer an extraordinary platform for networking opportunities, discussions to enhance the progress of science, nutrition, health and technology. Our conferences provide opportunity for direct communication between the young researchers and highly affiliated personalities in medical field whether they are working in the similar field or other research activities.

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Our events are about you, our clients, so we work for unqualified success and we do that quietly, professionally and impeccably. We've built a reputation for creating and delivering inspirational conferences and executing them flawlessly first time round. We work really hard to achieve this and our success is down to the dynamics of a team who are down-to-earth, open-minded and consider what we do to be a lifestyle more than a career.

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MomentEra is incredibly professional team of scientific event planners. At MomentEra we organize International congresses, events, workshops and exhibitions.

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